Second Annual Treasure Coast Beard and Mustache Contest

Welcome Contestants!

Epic Beard Company is proud to present the Second Annual Treasure Coast Beard and Mustache Competition. This event will take place during the St. Lucie County Fair on Saturday March 6th @ 6:00pm on the Hometown News Stage. 

Cost for Entry: $15 (100% goes to St. Lucie County Fair Scholarship Program)

Entry fee includes one adult admission to the fair for Saturday 3/6/2020.
Entry Fees are non-refundable nor transferable.

**If you do not need your fair entry ticket included use discount code NOFAIRENTRY when checking out for $5 off.


Rules and Guidelines:

  • Each contestant may only enter one category.

  • Each contestant will present their beard or Mustache on stage.
  • Music Selection - You can choose a song to play for your beard/mustache presentation. You will receive an email after registering that will detail how to submit your selection. If you choose not to make a selection, we will play an awesome song by a bearded musician while you present your beard/mustache.
  • Contestants should have fun with their walk, get into it and really enjoy yourself. The more fun you have, the more fun the audience and judges will have.
  • All Costumes, Beards, and presentation MUST be deemed appropriate for all ages. Any contestant found to be inappropriate will be disqualified and their entry fee forfeited.
  • After presenting on stage, contestant should proceed to judge’s area for assessment. You will stand on the marked location and unmask. Do NOT approach the judges table.
  • Contestants MUST wear mask when not on stage. We recommend one that extends below the chin to avoid unwanted lines in your beard.
  • Contestants should arrive for check-in between 5pm and 5:30pm on Saturday March 6th. Any contestant arriving later than 5:30pm may be disqualified and their entry fee forfeited.

Category Descriptions:

Mustache - No Beard here, just a natural mustache. Limited product usage allowed. 

Partial Beard - Any facial hair that is partially shaved. This could include side burns, mutton chops, goatees, and whalers (no mustache). See Full Beard description if unsure of which category to use.

Full Beard (3 Categories) - A full beard will grow from the top of one ear to the other with no interruption created by shaving. A full beard includes a mustache that has not been separated from the beard through shaving. This category is broken into 3 lengths and will be measured from the bottom lip to the longest part of the natural beard).

  • Business Beard (under 4")
  • Baller Beard (4" - 8")
  • Boss Beard (Over 8")

Craft Beard - This is the DIY category in which contestants can create a beard out of anything. Yes ANYTHING. Open to all genders and ages. The more creative the better.


1st Place of each category will receive a trophy, Certificate, beard care products, and prizes from sponsors. 

2nd Place in each Category will receive Certificate, beard care products and prizes from our sponsors.

3rd Place in each Category will receive Certificate and a beard care product.



For general information on the approach of the St. Lucie County Fair Association please visit

During the Competition all contestants must wear a mask when not on stage. The only exception is when standing on the designated Judging marker. We recommend a mask that extends below the chin to avoid unwanted lines in your beard. While on stage, Contestants will practice extra social distancing from Host and DJ. Hand Sanitizer will be available at all times at the check-in table. Social Distancing will be strictly enforced during Check-in, Stage presentation, and Judging. We will only invite the top 3 in each category to the stage for awards. Any contestant that paid their fee and experiences symptoms or needs to quarantine and miss the competition will be given the choice of donating their entry fee or receiving a refund. 


St. Lucie County Fair, Epic Beard Company, their sponsors and subsidiaries are not responsible for any injury to contestants nor damage or loss of personal property of contestants.